Is it incredibly strange that at a certain point in the week, when I have been reading and working and thinking a whole lot, suddenly I start inserting the word Library into sentences?

For example, I was scanning the Meta Filter this evening, and I came across this sentence out of Discovery Magazine: “Time” is the most used noun in the English language, yet it remains a mystery. We’ve just completed an amazingly intense and rewarding multidisciplinary conference on the nature of time, and my [insert: Librarian] brain is swimming with ideas and new questions.” If you think that’s interesting, you should have heard the HuffPo article on the Keystone XL project that I read- or the one about the Guardian and WikiLeaks and the leak of an encrypted password!

I have so much going on right now, and to add to it all I have a sinus infection. I went to the doctor today, where two booster shots were administered, resulting in a [librarian’s] head swimming in a pool of…something a bit more consistent than water?

I am reminded of the scene, I think in the last episode of Mad Men Season 4, when Peggy and Joan are in Joan’s office FUMING about something that Don has just done (and no, I won’t give any spoilers away, in case you were worried) and Joan tries to tell Peggy that she needs to stop letting the office be her fulfillment, that she needs to build a life outside of the office. And Peggy’s response is to look at Joan and say you’re joking, right? Don’t tell me that you don’t LIVE for this office! And they both start laughing because it’s the truth- their lives are their work. And isn’t it this way for most of us?

And for those of you who miss the knitting, there has been plenty of that. I am thinking of doing a sock parade for you this weekend, and I have finished a few shawls and my blanket, and I’m making a lovely sweater from some yarn you’ll surely recognize.

So, we’ll talk again soon, and hopefully I’ll not be as medicated and loopy;-) Happy holiday weekend!