2011 socks.jpg

I have made many socks this summer.

At least 6 pairs.

And when I say summer, well, maybe I mean since mid-spring.

I actually planned the sock-spree as an exercise in technique. I knit socks very fast. And I had noticed that no matter what pattern I “used”, I ended falling back into old, easy habits. And I wasn’t pleased with some of the elements of the socks I made. So sometime around March, I marched to Hobby Lobby and bought a basketful of cheap sock yarn.

2011-3 gentlemen's shooting 5.jpg

Pattern: Gentlemen’s Shooting Socks.
Yarn: Red Heart Sock

I wanted knee socks that I could wear with my Frye Boots. I have two pairs of Frye boots- brown Campus and a pair of black Harness. In the winter, I live in these boots, and I thought knee socks would be fun with them. Plus I had never made knee socks. And I chose to be entirely too eccentric with these- I have worn them once. To work, for silly sock day. I am going to make another pair that aren’t as crazy for regular use.

Denmark by Nancy Bush

Pattern: Denmark
Yarn: Red Heart

Next, I made a pair of “tornado socks.” As you may remember, we had a tornado in April. It blew half of our town away, including Hobby Lobby. My friends Kayla and Louise were in their house when it was blown away by the tornado, and I so I made them both socks in April from the yarn that I bought at Hobby Lobby (which was very near their ruined house). These were for Kayla.


Pattern: Conway
Yarn: Red Heart

And these were for Louise.

2011-7 denmark short row heel 2.jpg

Pattern: Denmark
Yarn: Neighborhood Fiber Company

Next, I decided I wanted to try to change my heel. I hate the heel flap method that is used in most patterns. I had always wanted to try a nice, neat short row heel, and I knew it wasn’t hard, but I had never taken the time to think it through properly. So, when I had surgery in June, I took the time to sit (for a whole week and a half all I could do was sit!) and I used Laura Chau’s Short Row Heel Tutorial It works like a charm. I will never go back.

2011 toes.png

All along the way, I also endeavored to master the kitchener stitch. You simply cannot knit socks without being able to successfully kitchener. Or can you? I conquered the kitchener with the Blue Denmarks, but that might be the last time I need it for a while, because I went on a wild tangent from there. I was sitting, getting ready to cast on yet another pair of socks, and thinking how much I genuinly hated the kitchener. I’d known people to knit socks from the toe up, but had never given it a lot of thought. And then it dawned on me. The short row heel is symetrical! I no longer have to worry about what to do when I get to the heel! So I cast on with an Italian Cast on and BAM! Toe-up socks. I went and got a book of cables from the library, and have been creating my own socks for the last month! I usually average a pair in about 3 days. And it’s awesome!

Pattern: Sara made it up!
Yarn: Red Heart (left over from the Gentlemen’s Shooting Socks)

2011-8 gull toe up 4.jpg

Pattern: Sara’s Creation
Yarn: left over Red Heart

2011-8 conway toe up 8.jpg

The sixth pair are still on the needles. I ran out of yarn, and am going to have to use some left over scraps from somewhere else. This is fine for me, because I will end up wearing them to sleep anyway. I just haven’t dug in my scrap basket to find something to use yet. . .

So there you have it! My summer of socks. I’ve really learned a lot! Now, I am getting ready to start my Christmas Knitting, which includes socks for LOTS of people. I’ve already started buying the yarn and choosing the patterns. I think I might start knitting them next week. I have a sweater vest that is about to come off the needles, too, that I am very excited about. You will recognize the yarn because it has been three different sweaters over the years. I love what it is now though- I think it’s perfect, and I am looking forward to finishing it and wearing it. The weather is about to cool off, and I am eager to get my woolens out (even though I live in Alabama and it never REALLY gets cold here!)