I ordered this great, quirky little book for the library- it’s called Arne & Carlos 55 Christmas Balls to Knit (9781570764875), and much to my delight I have entered the world of Fair Isle knitting.

Every year I set a goal for myself. Cables, open work, color work. These are skills possessed by those advanced knitters who seem to know it all and a few daring beginners who perhaps don’t realize they’re supposed to be afraid.

But I’ve been afraid of color work.

I got the cables down pretty well, and though I don’t usually go very extreme with them, I feel competent enough to tackle one if it’s in my path.

Last year my challenge was lace work, and I did enough to realize lace and I are not going to be good friends. Somehow the openings never look right to me, and I hate the counting. If you mess up with out a lifeline, you are so screwed. For the record I hate free falling on a cable swing, too.


Knitting fair isle includes counting, too. But it is controlled counting. It is you can still see where you are even if you drop a stitch counting. Like repelling off the side of the cliff that you wouldn’t dare jump off of.

And it’s so pretty!

I think I’ve found a new obsession.