Austin finished his Ph.D in March. He officially graduated in May, but the defense was in March.

The only thing he asked for was a Doctor Who Scarf.

Only a doctor who scarf. Sure, baby! No problem! After all, you guys remember the Jayne Cobb hat a few years ago for his birthday? We know Austin likes his fan-boy gear, even if he teases of Ms. Alissa-Hufflepuff.

2009-07 Jayne hat 3.jpg

So I started doing some research. And I found this remarkable lady who calls herself the WittyLittleKnitter! Her mission is to find all of the genuine Doctor Who scarves– all of the ones that were worn in each of the Tom Baker episodes– and replicate them. This was an incredible discovery! I didn’t have any idea there was more than 1!!

And as if that wasn’t enough, she is kind enough to share the patterns for all of her replications, along with yarn suggestions. Thank you WittyLittleKnitter!

Austin's doctor who happy graduation scarf

I followed the pattern for season 12, using brown sheep natural sport weight. I’ve been working on this project off and on since the beginning of March. A lot of life has been lived since I started this scarf. But it’s mid-September, and I’ve just finished. I bought the yarn from Paradise Fibers, and I thank them for being so quick to fill my orders- I had to make 2 because although I ordered the amount of yarn suggested by the pattern, I ended up needing  more.  And luckily, Brown Sheep has pretty consistent colorways, so everything worked out well!

Happy Belated Graduation, my fan-boy husband! And may you pass this heirloom down to your nerdy fan-offspring when you’re finished with it!