I’ve been looking back at the things that I’ve knitted this year, and I’ve noticed one trend throughout it all.

Just about everything that I’ve knitted for myself is Blue.

Love affair with blue

Now, blue is my favorite color. It pretty much always has been. I love to wear it, and have it around the house. The first time I got to pick the color of my bedroom walls, I talked my sister Jenna into painting them blue- we were early adolescents, and blue felt very appropriate with our angsty time of life. The walls were lovely. The color went well with our mid-90s Christian Rock Band Posters.

I think there is more significance in my knitting blue things this year though. I’ve been quite blue. One of the reasons that I stopped blogging is because I experienced a tragedy that I didn’t know how to talk about. I had a miscarriage. And I’ve been very blue.

But blue is, in addition to a sad color, a color of infinite hope. When we look into the sky or into the depths of the water, we see blue because it is the color that happens when there is openness.

I still love blue. And I’m looking forward to wearing my blue things!