Alright folks, lets talk about fair isle knitting.

The funny thing is fair isle intimidated me for years. Knitting multiple strands at a time, all that counting, controlling your tension- too much paying attention to your work and not enough letting things just happen in your hands. I really had a hard time even making myself try. I tried two years ago on a Christmas Stocking, completed a few rows and then threw my arms up in defeat. Then last year I saw the fair isle christmas balls book, and that was the end.

What has come over me? What am I thinking, wanting to construct a yoked-sweater that hangs to my mid-thighs in four separate fair isle motifs! Have I gone insane? It’s like a disorder that has taken over my brain- the I have fair isle knitting syndrome, and I have it bad. I had to go to Barnes and Noble to buy myself some graphed moleskins because I have been waking up in the middle of the night with design ideas- large scale sweater ideas that are going to take scads of yarn and even more patience and attention.

I do not have the yarn for my big project yet. I have filled several pages of my new moleskin, and I’ve been knitting swatches.

Meanwhile I am working on this wrap! Beaverslide light sport single ply, 20″ wide. I think this project is going to take me a while- I plan to make it about 6′. Some nice post-christmas winter knitting 🙂

Fair Isle project in Beaverslide wool

Do you have any fair isle projects on your needles?