Alabama v. Western Carolina

This is what the quad looks like here on campus, the day before homegames.

Tomorrow’s game is at 11:21 AM.

I can see the stadium rise over the trees from my kitchen window. This is the second to the last game of the season, and I am feeling rather giddy that I have made it through another football season. Tomorrow, I plan to sleep in, cook, and act like nothing is happening. It’s hard, because my neighbors are so into tailgating (we live in a duplex with a shared entrance and front porch). There are always strange people on my front porch on Saturdays, which makes it hard to do housework in my pajamas, but there are only two games left!

Don’t get me wrong, I like to go to the game once and a while. Football can be exciting! But there is a difference between enjoying the sport and living in the midst of it. It’s like living IN Disneyland. It gets old after a while.

This is the last weekend that I am going to have to fight traffic to park on campus on Friday. The last weekend that I have to look out my office window and see tents and generators. The last game is next weekend, and we will be out of town for Thanksgiving.

Oh, how I am looking forward to the end of football season!