So, I am finished marauding about Middle Tennessee, and now find myself back in regular life in Tuscaloosa. I took this picture while we were driving home yesterday, to show you what progress I’ve made!

Chart B-Ashby


I’ve completed chart B 2.5 out of 5.5 times, and its turning out lovely. I’ve made a few mistakes, but the time invested is too much to be able to correct them now. They won’t affect the garment’s shape, and they won’t be too noticeable- a few mistakes about which cable stitch I’m supposed to use will slightly alter the appearance, but only if you’re really searching for it.

In other news, Sariounette got a new kitty! She has not posted about it on her blog, but we skyped a few days ago and I got to meet sleepy little Pirouette on her first day home. I am finding the Atlantic Ocean a bit inconvenient at the moment- Pirouette looks so snuggly and soft, and it’s just not fair that I can’t go see her!

My trip home resulted in some last minute Christmas present inspiration, and there will be some secret knitting going on in the next few weeks. Not too much, but a bit. So hang in there. It’s going to be magical, and I dare say rather last minute!