One of my favorite ways to knit is in the company of other knitters.

Throughout my knitter-life, I have had many close friends with whom to share company with.

When I first moved to Tuscaloosa, I had Heidi. Heidi was good at pulling people out of the woodwork to craft in her home in the evenings. She invited us, and usually made some small food item, and her home was filled with physical and emotional warmth. I met my best friend, Kate, at Heidi’s craft nights. I miss these evenings a lot- book artists sitting on the floor near a lamp sewing the binding of their books, knitters and crocheters pulled knee to knee on chairs in a circle around the sofa, talking about literature and Sex in the City, mulled cider and fresh cookies (I have a secret belief that Heidi is a magic baker- she can produce on the spot baked goods at any given moment.) Heidi moved to the DC area a few years ago, and I miss her a lot.

As part of my job at the public library, I started a knitting circle. It was a lovely knitting circle, filled with young and old new and experienced knitters. Some ambitious  some distracted, some obsessive- the exact characteristics that you hope and expect to find in a circle of knitters. We met for almost 2 years before the group began to dwindle and I changed jobs. I remember each of  face and many favorite projects , and I remember the conversations that we used to have. I miss my TPL Knitters.

The other night, I joined a friend at her knitting circle, and I was reminded of how close you become with those you sit and knit with. There is something about the weaving of the yarn while sharing of your life that literally knits individuals together. Maybe I will start knitting with this other group- I haven’t made my mind up yet (I felt like a stranger, but I know that wouldn’t last).

Do you have a knitting circle that you meet with? Is it associated with a larger organization, or have you simply found each other?