The idea of 12 days of Christmas is really a lovely idea.

We all hear the song every year, and envision a crazy world of alliterative pairs of people and actions swirl around, growing greater in number as the days go by ( when we get to the 12 drummers drumming, I always imagine we’re quite ready for Christmas to go away! So much noise and chaos! I mean, we have lords a’leaping and pipers piping and drummers drumming and birds and cows and maids everywhere).

But beyond the chaotic imagery of the song we sing, the idea of 12 days of Christmas gives me a great deal of comfort. That means we have almost 2 whole weeks to actually celebrate the holiday. We see this tradition dating back in the literature we read. Remember, Gawain fought the Green Knight during the festival days in King Arthur’s court (they actually celebrated for 15 days!) and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night was written to be performed on the 12th night of Christmas!

Having 12 full days to celebrate Christmas makes me so happy. Because shopping for Christmas presents and hurriedly rushing around getting ready to travel doesn’t usually leave much time for actual celebrating. This year, I get time off work to celebrate, thanks to the university closing, and I intend to thoroughly enjoy a full 12 days of Christmas, baking cookies, reading and playing with my kitties.

Christmas 2012

Maybe I’ll blog my way through my 12 Days of Christmas! That would be fun! What are your plans?