Yesterday was Sunday. Every weekend, I spend a day trying to put my house back in order after a long and hectic week. Last week was even longer and even more hectic then most weeks. I had many sun-up to sun-down days at work. I taught so much I lost my voice. Things happened, as most things do, that were completely out of our control. We got unhappy news from back home. And at the end of the week, our house was a wreck.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when my house is a mess, I am a mess. It’s like my inter-self is a reflecting pool. I don’t like chaos. We spent Saturday with our family in Nashville, and on Sunday I faced the insurmountable challenge of house-wrangling, and I thought I lost the battle. Austin spent the better part of his day in his office on campus grading papers, and I spent ALL DAY doing laundry. When I picked him up in the dusky rain before dinner I had to warn him that I was not in a good mood. And let me tell you, he is amazing. After a day of monotonous grading, Austin came home and vacuumed and filed and folded socks. He wrote checks for bills and cleared off surfaces. And then he made cocktails and turned on Fringe.

During Fringe, I re-skeined yarn on my knitty-knotty while sipping my laphroaig. And although I wasn’t able to get over it last night, today I have to admit that the house looks a lot better. And my husband rocks.