Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement that I have received over the past week! This has unquestionably been one of my most nervous, frustrating weeks of my life. I have felt paranoid. I’ve slept a lot. And I’ve had a really hard time eating. Welcome to the post of over-sharing.

This morning, I couldn’t resist the paranoia any more, and I took another test. It was positive again. Austin thought it was silly, and possibly more harmful that good, but it helped to calm me down, and I feel a lot less upset and frantic. It’s been a week tomorrow since my first test, so I take it as a comforting sign that there’s still something there. I am 6 1/2 weeks along. I’m not feeling as sick today as I have in the past days.Not that I don’t feel kinda sick– the only two times I’ve actually thrown up have both been with chicken, so I have completely written chicken out of my life. I’ve had major dry-heaving most of the rest of the time, and just utter nausea. And yet, I never thought that I would lay in bed and pray that I would feel more sick! I can’t feel anything, so sickness and heartburn are my primary measurements that things are going the way they’re supposed to.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have fallen into a completely new housework routine. Get it done whenever you can. I’ve done about a load of laundry a day- usually I do everything on Saturday, but somehow I think that isn’t going to work in the coming weeks. In April, things get crazy in Sara-land. The last week in March is Spring Break. I am going to try to do some major overhauling of household crap, then send Austin off to his conference in Toronto and head up to Nashville for half a week. Austin get’s back Sunday, and the following Thursday I head to Boulder for my sister Jenna’s awesome Thesis Extravaganza! I’ll get home for a few days and then head to Indianapolis for ACRL, and then come home and about a week later head to ALLA. I am going to have to be really super organized…

…And I need to plan my knitting projects for traveling! I’m thinking socks. I’m working on a sweater design, but it’s not super portable right now. Plus, I have gotten to the funny point in life where I only ever want to wear hand-knit socks. When I first started making them I didn’t see this coming, but over the last year or so I have made some pairs that I really love! I need more sock yarn. Jubilare, we have to go to Haus of Yarn– I need malibrigo sock!