That’s right. My blood work came back positive. Tomorrow, I am driving to Birmingham in the afternoon to have an ultrasound. Monday, I have my real honest to god OB intake appointment.

The more positive news I get, the more distressed I am feeling! Where is the tragedy? Where is the disaster? When is it going to hurt? God, please let’s get it over with!

I am really actually quite nervous about the ultrasound. I am going by myself. I guess tomorrow I’ll get my first blurry glimpse of my possible future offspring. I expect it to be incredibly blurry. I hit the seven-week mark yesterday, which means if all is growing properly, I may see a head and torso, and some little twiggy arms. I may also see a heartbeat. I am trying to think of what a sufficient reward for myself will be after my appointment,  since a martini is off the menu. Maybe I’ll find a sonic and get a lemon-berry slushi. I have to return to work afterwards.

In other news, I am always hungry and I am gaining weight. I can tell, because my pants are fitting differently. This is making me anxious because I have huge conference in one month, and I have no idea what I am going to wear. It will be my first presentation at a national conference, so this is important! It seems silly to invest in early maternity business casual that will fit for about three weeks. I am certainly going to have to find some new work clothes, too. This is something I hadn’t thought about before.

Meanwhile, I am making great progress on sewing my granny squares together. It is quite a process. I am about half way through, and I have a good chunk of time set aside in the next few days to work on it. I will be delivering it to the newly-arrived Zane during my visit to Nashville!

I spent some time fretting about it ( I need something to fret over that doesn’t cause an internal hyperbolic reaction!). I imagined what Austin must have been like- an OCD baby, having to find repeats in patters in everything. I know I did that when I was young. Count the color repeats, stare at the design trying to make sense of it. I was suddenly worried that this blanket, if not properly pieced, would be a frustration to an attentive child… so Austin is helping me with the actual pattern.

Zane's Afghan

I have to admit that looking at this blanket is always going to make me think of Deep Space Nine, which we’ve been watching while I’ve been crocheting. Associations like these are crazy. The two afghans I have in my house make me think of Synecdoche, New York and Jersey Shore. Go figure.

Okay, so I better wrap this up because I need to get going- I’m going to hear BJ Hollars read from his new book,  Opening the Doors! It should be good– BJ is a great writer and a great reader, and I’ve been looking forward to this ever since his last book came out! Have an awesome evening!