Yesterday, I heard my little one’s heartbeat. And yes, I cried. It was incredible. And I feel so much more comfortable about what is happening inside of me now. The ultrasound was confirmation that there is something quietly growing inside of me. I may not be able to hear it or see it, but it’s there. And it’s doing great!

My friend Sariounette came with me (via my smartphone) to the doctor’s office, and I didn’t feel alone at all. We chattered away about all kinds of things until they called me back for the ultrasound. And then I was able to send her my ultrasound picture immediately. Who cares if she’s in France! Yesterday, she was in Birmingham with me.

I am very hungry and very tired, and the nausea started creeping back the day before yesterday. I mostly feel alright. Spring Break begins when I leave work, and I am so ready for a week off!