I’ve been indulging in lots of HBO Go in the past several months.

I re-watched all of Sex in the City. Watced Treme- an excellent show that I’d love to see more of! And of course, Boardwalk Empire.Now, Boardwalk Empire is wonderful and magical in many ways. It take s a lot of creativity to write a whole new gangster drama in New Jersey after the success of the Sopranos ( which I also <3). Prohibition era gives us the chance to fantasize a world that we fell in love with while reading the Great Gatsby in high school. And after decades as a supporting actor, we finally have an awesome lead roll for a brilliant Steve Buscemi. No longer Donny or The Other Tony. Buscemi takes center stage as a cunning politician who knows how to solidify his power base.

I personally am in love with Margaret Thompson. And specifically with her wardrobe. In fact the past two months have been consumed with this particular sweater. And with some modifications, I think I’ve made my first sweater design.

Margaret's sweater

I’m planning basketweave across the front, herringbone for the back and sleeves. I’m still working on the measurements. I’m super excited!