Hi there! Remember me?

I’ve been asleep since my last post! Well, either that or at work, or traveling on my never-ending trip! I committed to the traveling pre-pregnancy, and boy did it wear me out!

My house is still in recovery. But I am starting to wake up. Here are some pictures from my trips!

Indianapolis- Kate, Jennie and I had so much fun presenting our poster! It was very well received.

ACRL 2013

I ate this whole steak.

ACRL 2013

We went to this fun pizza place the night I got to Boulder! I was pretty sick from the plane, but I ate a good deal of mine, and it was pretty tasty!


And yes, there was snow on the mountains. The weather in Boulder was actually pretty warm, but since I left they’ve been covered in snow again!


I haven’t done any knitting since I finished the granny square blanket. I’ve just been too tired. And my house is messy and completely overwhelming. I am hoping that once the semester is over, I will be able to coheres Austin into helping me do so e deep cleaning, and then maybe I will feel more like knitting…

To be honest, the thought of knitting for the bug has been overwhelming me. This week marks the end of my first trimester and I am feeling more comfortable in my skin. I spent the entire past twelve weeks either terrified or attempting not to think about it. I was so scared. I mean, utter terror. It’s over. I made it. And I saw my doctor today, we listened to that little bug heart beat, and everything is the way it’s supposed to be! And the fact that I’m still awake at 10 pm without even a nap, and that I’ve folded laundry and messed around on the Internet is kind of amazing ( did I mention that I’ve been asleep for the past month?)

And by the way, I wrote this on 23 April and then promptly fell asleep without publishing! Yay for sleep!