Broccoli Rice Casserole

In my oh, so brief experience, second trimester means being hungry. And I am so hungry. I totally see how people gain a lot of weight.

In a typical day, my food consumption goes about like this: bowl of shredded wheat, 2 clementines, granola bar, bowl of oatmeal, some sort of lunch (lately, the above-pictured broccoli rice casserole which I made over the weekend in the most healthiest of ways with low sodium veg broth and organic heavy cream!) tomato cucumber salad, granola bar, more fruit/veg (yesterday, it was a whole avocado that I consumed upon arriving home from work! plus cheese and crackers) then dinner (last night, I made this awesome pasta.)

In other news, I’ve made great progress on my Kate Mittens and have started my first baby project in a lovely red (for Christmas!!!) Obviously, no pictures yet, but at least I’m getting back into the swing of things!