Remember this project? It’s been traveling with me in my bag for months, and I can finally say I’ve made some progress!

Mitten 1- Kate's Late Christmas

Mitten one is finished sans thumb, and I’m starting mitten two. Some notes on mittens, color knitting, and Kitchener.

I am generally a very loose knitter. In fact, it’s frequently a terrible inconvenience when I’m trying to knit according to a specific gauge- I tend to go two needles sizes and at least one yarn gauge down to knit the right stitches per inch. This sounds absurd, and I agree, but I am not making it up! I’m actually really frustrated with this fact at the moment. However! When color knitting, I knit tightly. And this mitten is almost too snug for comfort. Investigation has commenced- and feedback is welcome!

As for Kitchener, well, anyone who has heard my rant knows I hate it. I somehow did it upside-down on this mitten, so there is a decker able ridge at the top. Kate is my Kitchener coach, and she wasn’t here to correct me– now she has to live with sloppy Kitchener on her owl mitten! Maybe I’m a bad friend?

I think later today, I am either gong to try to finish piecing my Boulder afghan together, or work on my wrap. I’ve been missing these projects, and I’m anxious for them to be finished, too! I want to try to finish a few of those lingering projects before I start anything new…

Gypsy wool afghan

Faire Isle Wrap

Happy Saturday!