I don’t have Memorial Day off work, but over the weekend we were able to go visit our families (which was super awesome!) Saturday, friends that are scattered all over the place were able to gather at my in-laws for an after-dinner bonfire. We saw friends from high school and undergraduate school, the kids running around and roasting marshmallows while moms and dads held their breath praying the kids wouldn’t fall into the fire! It was lovely. On Sunday, we got to my parents’ house in time for a late morning omelet. After breakfast, we sat on the patio in the beautiful sunshine and talked, and in the afternoon, we meandered over to the old antebellum house that my sister will be married at next month. We wandered around the grounds, sniffing roses and chatting about ceremony plans and reception food and general wedding loveliness. It was a beautiful day. And traveling (especially driving!) is always good for knitting!

Wedding planning 26 May 2013- one month to go!

The last week or so has been rather gratifying for my little knitter’s heart. I started the week with a good weeding and sorting of the stash, and an inventory of unfinished projects. I’m still making slow (but steady) progress on the stitching-together of my afghan, and I have begun the cuff of Kate’s second mitten (my progress is mostly impeded by the necessity of having to follow the chart for each side of every row- slow going!) But I have accomplished a few other things!

Bug Gear

This little rainbow baby surprise jacket is my little bug’s first knitted item. I love the vintage buttons.

And I finally, with a bit of focus and determination, was able to achieve gauge for my little red hoodie!


Here is my progress (and a peak at my very pregnant belly!)

Travel knitting- Memorial Day weekend 2013

We’ve hit the 17 week mark, and our next ultrasound is 11 June (we will find out if it is a boy bug or a girl bug!) I have about 3.5 more inches to go with the diamond patter before I start the shaping for the sleeves (which I think are knitted separately and then grafted on).