Birmingham weekend- Jenna and mom visit

Saturday and Sunday were spent with mom and Jenna in Birmingham. We ate a lot of food, and saw some fun things! We started our outing at Flip Burger Boutique, but I didn’t get any pictures there… The above photo was at Nabeel’s for dinner.

Birmingham weekend- Jenna and mom visit

And then desert.

And after desert, we headed up to Vulcan Park for a nice night-time view of Birmingham. Jenna and mom braved the observation tower– I accompanied them to the top of the stairs, but couldn’t make myself step out onto the grated deck. My fear of heights has gotten kind of intolerable, but it wasn’t the night to conquer it.

Sunday Brunch was Chez Lulu. Crepes were delicious!

Mom and Jenna visit

Then the Civil Rights Institute, and Rojo.

It was a full weekend. What did you do?