Time really seems to be flying by this summer…we have just over a month before the new semester begins. And once the semester begins, it will be no time before our little guy gets here!

UntitledI spent 28 June-1 July in Chicago for a conference, and learned a lot about traveling while pregnant. Lessons like “don’t count on the hotel having anything remotely good for you to snack on or reasonable access to good-tasting drinking water” and “you really can’t walk around as much as you could when you weren’t pregnant!”

I’m afraid I over-did it and really irritated a ligament in my lower abdomen that is still hurting today. I did finally get the hang of eating right while at the hotel (it was a very nice hotel.) Despite the physical discomfort, Chicago was lovely and I really enjoyed the city. I’m hoping to go back soon– perhaps in January when Austin has a conference there. Bug and I can explore the city in a way that we couldn’t during my conference 🙂

Since I got back, we have been focusing on getting the house ready and preparing our ever-daunting baby registry. And of course, I’ve been doing lots of knitting and not photographing any of it! But November is right around the corner!