Tuesday night, Kate, Alissa and I watched The Sound of Music. It’s an old favorite, and having Kate and Alissa to watch it with felt almost as wonderful as being able to watch it with my own sisters. My childhood echoed with musicals much in the way most of my peers did with Saved By The Bell or Boy Meets World.

Over the past week, I’ve made a fascinating discovery. The bug responds to music. And the more music there is, the more he responds. This is incredible to me– his inner ear is newly developed, and he has begun to recognize noises outside of the womb. I am so excited by this! All I want to do now is play music and sit and feel him as he dances around in my tummy, kicking and flapping his arms and squirming around. I imagine that he is enjoying himself.

Just thought I’d share what I’ve been lost in lately 🙂