It’s been a year since I posted anything. It feels like it was just yesterday, I swear. But we’re still here, and I’m knitting more these days, and my boy is getting so big!


I made socks last month. They’re amazing. I knit them while riding in the car to and from a conference in Savannah. It was nice to feel my hands remembering the stitches. The work went faster and faster, and before I knew it I was turning the second heel, and then binding off the second sock, and I still had time to sleep and read an article about the tenure process!


Meanwhile, let me just tell you. O is amazing. The other night we were at Austin’s folks house, and he was looking over Austin’s shoulder at the pictures that grandma has on the shelf. He exclaimed “oh wow, a giant rock!” O’s first sentence: “Oh, wow, a giant rock!” It was a photo of his grandma and grandpa standing in a rock circle somewhere in England. He followed the statement up with “gram and papa and a big rock!” he doesn’t speak in whole sentences very much yet, but now we know he can.

And of course, life would not be complete without Ben, who is just as codependent and faithful and cuddly as ever.


Life is full and busy and wonderful and hard and full of love. Hope you’re doing well, too!